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Come and experience tanning at Afterglow! All first time Glowgetters receive a free UV tan in any of our deluxe beds! Our bronzing specialists will help you decide what tanning bed is perfect for you and your needs, also providing you with a complimentary water and cooling eucalyptus towel every time you tan. No appointment ever needed for any tanning services.



THE NOVA: This Ergoline Vitality Total Light 3 technology will take your tanning and skincare journey to the next level. Enjoy red light therapy, blue light therapy, and UV. 100% customizable experiences to control the level of UV light, misters, aroma therapy, A/C, and more. The addition of Blue Light enhances the tanning environment and provides an energizing experience during a session. For the first time, Total Light Technology provides users with full session control to focus on their individual tanning and color development goals. From personalized control of UV Settings to a fully UV-Free Session, users will love the freedom to custom tailor each session to their desired output. Connect your phone to Bluetooth and charge it on our wireless charging station while getting your glow up.


Included in this package is access to our brand new beds, The Nova and The Lux, and all other tanning UV beds, as well as, unlimited spray tanning!

  • Glow Club Unlimited: $159

  • 1 Month Unlimited: $174

  • 3 sessions: $150

  • 5 Sessions: $200

  • 10 Sessions: $300


Beauty Boosters that regulate the moisture content of the skin and stimulate natural collagen, and encourages the skin to feel firmer while getting your perfect UV glow and red light therapy at the same time! Misters, aroma therapy, sound system, air conditioned, control your customized experience with a simple touch screen, feel the beat of your own personal music and so much more to this incredible new bed!


Included in the LUX is unlimited spray tanning, and most of our UVS beds other than the NOVA!

  • Glow Club Unlimited: $129

  • 1 Month Unlimited: $154

  • 1 session: $45

  • 3 Sessions: $120

  • 5 Sessions: $180



KBL 5800

Facial system, high performance air conditioner with a pleasant cooling sensation during the tanning session, aroma therapy, color plus motion with LED technology! This bed offers everything you would expect from a high class unit. Gives you an amazing glow in just a few sessions with a 10 minute max this bed is the ultimate mini vacation. 


Our hybrid stand up bed! This bed includes red light therapy and UV tanning at the same time for the ultimate tan and skin treatment in 11 minutes or less! Easy control panel, body fans, sound system, Bluetooth, mega voice, led lights and more! 

New update! We now have The Triple Threat! This stand up includes red light therapy, UV tanning, and a mini workout to tighten and tone your legs and lower stomach while tanning! 


A client favorite! This 100% high pressure bed with no UVB rays allows those with even the most sensitive or easily burned skin the opportunity to develop a deep bronze! Get a stunning long lasting glow in only 3 sessions and tan seven times faster than an average UV bed. You will see the color difference immediately in this 10 minute max bed! 

                 KBL 4800 

The KBL 4800 introduces a tanning experience that is pure pleasure. It is in every way a true KBL bed: visually stylish and modern while technically superior. Misters, aroma therapy, LED light show, face lamps, controllable settings. In combination with the latest technology, the extraSunlight lamps achieve perfect and skin-friendly tanning results.

  • Glow Club Unlimited $109

  • 1 Month Unlimited $134

  • Per Session: $32

  • 5 Sessions: $125

  • 10 Sessions: $220

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